Open the mind to a different perspective, awaken the heart to be well. Qi Wellness Yoga provides information and ideas on self-care and self-cultivation. We like to open a window to connect with ancient wisdom, and promote a lifestyle that brings healing, peace and wellness.

We are based in Kanata. We are two who enjoy walking together. We like to practice Yoga and Qigong, to take care of our Qi (Prana in Sanskrit), the vital energy that maintains well-being.

Ying (Ivy)

I am Ying, a Yoga instructor, a meditation practitioner, a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) enthusiast and a mother who explores wellness for Self and family.

I am no stranger to taking medicine and was sick a lot when I was young. My body constitution was so weak that I always felt heavy, tired and sluggish. Because of this, I was interested in any information on wellness. My mother liked to use folk medicine to treat me, so TCM has been part of my life since early years. I even took training in acupuncture to better apply TCM principles in daily life.

I became a competitive runner in university. It helped my health a lot. But the feeling of heaviness of the body still bothered me, until my first yoga class in 1996.

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I am a musical artist.
I have experience as a soundhealer, sound yogi and kirtan wallah. I have experience as a songwriter, composer, performer and recording artist.
Here is my musical/magical website  www.stewartmcisaac.ca

I am a yogi. 
I began practicing hatha yoga in Guangzhou, China while teaching English there from 2001 – 2006. The assistant teacher was Ying Xie (Ivy) who helped me with asanas and gave a deeper understanding of yoga and meditation. Ying and I traveled to Tibet together. The people of Tibet breathe spirituality!

Education /certificates:
– 200 hour Traditional Hatha Yoga Teaching Certificate
– 50 hour Yin Yoga Teaching Certificate
– 15 hour Chair Yoga Teaching Certificate
– 15 hour Gentle Yoga For Active Aging Teaching Certificate  

– Sound Healers Association member since 2004
– Sound Healing Practitioners Certificate
– Healing Sounds Intensive Certificate

Other education/ certificates:
– BA Linguistics and Applied Language Studies
– TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Certificate
– Music Studies

​ www.stewartmcisaac.ca