Neck Exercise

Neck exercise is a good way to keep our neck healthy and happy. I learned the practice in China from Ying and she learned from Sri Teri Tan, her first yoga teacher. At some point when we returned to Canada, I was having some pain in my neck and I went to see a chiropractor. I showed him the neck exercise that I was doing and he suggested the angle position looking toward the leg. So, I added the angle position to the exercise sequence. Soon after, my neck had no pain and to this day pain free. 

To practice the neck exercise, sit comfortably on a chair, or on a mat in easy pose or rock pose. Keep the spine long and when sitting on a chair sit like there is no back on the chair. I also added to this practice, conscious breathing as we move into a neck position. For example, breathe in, breath out head forward and hold the position, keeping breathing.

Treat this practice as a meditation. I do this practice at the beginning of a yoga class, to relax and settle in and focus the breath and mind. So, I suggest a daily practice of neck exercise with conscious breathing to maintain a healthy and happy neck and mind. 

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