Water as Medicine

I was relieved to see my son’s cough getting better and better by using water as medicine.

When my son was around two or three years old, he was coughing in autumn. Like any other first-time parent, I rushed to the doctor with him and bought back home a prescription. But no matter how hard we tried, my son simply spit out the medicine or the food with medicine. What could we do?

One day, when I picked up my son from kindergarten, his teacher said, “let him drink more water”. Grasping at straws I asked my son to drink one mouthful of water for one cough. It worked! From then on, water became medicine for my son’s cough and it always worked.

Health can be maintained as simply as that. An advisor on wellness doesn’t have to be a medical professional practitioner. Just friendly advice, and a common sense reminder can be life saving. Every individual has their unique life experience and lifestyle. Listening with an open mind can give us a desired result from a surprise source.

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